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About me
Independent scholar, freelance writer, active travel advocate and collage artist 

My name is Gemma Bridge. I enjoy working with others to solve public health challenges. I completed a Ph.D. in Public Health and Communication at Leeds Beckett University in 2020 and am currently an independent researcher and freelance writer, with a focus on public health, physical activity and sustainability. 


I am passionate about working collaboratively to develop, explore and evaluate effective policies and interventions to promote health and wellbeing. I am currently involved in a range of projects, that span oral health, nutrition, health communications, and public health policy development. I strive to take an interdisciplinary approach that not only brings together my diverse interests but also ensures that my research will be able to make real change. Through my research experience, I also have experience in writing grant applications. 



Having over 5 years of experience in conducting research evaluations of public health, physical activity and oral health interventions, I am well placed to support organisations and charities with evaluation efforts and evaluation reports. 



I have written pieces on a huge array of topics spanning food and drink, theatre and ballet, design and art, sport and fitness and economics and business. I am a regular contributor to Leeds Living, the only truly not-for-profit online magazine based in Leeds, and I also work as a freelance writer for several individuals, charities and independent businesses. 

Active travel

I am the Running Mayor of West Yorkshire, as part of the #Runsome campaign. I work to encourage more people to run some everyday journeys, errands and commutes. 

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